Well, I guess it was only a matter of time.  It was announced tonight that Blockbuster will soon be closing all of its Canadian stores, not only that, but they’ll be closed within a matter of days!

Seriously, I can’t believe this franchise is done.  I can’t think of a store I visited more growing up.  On Christmas Day, it was the only thing open on Christmas, as a teenager I must have applied to work there dozens of times, and I can still remember buying my first DVD ever there, it was the Perfect Storm.

It has definitely been stormy for Blockbuster over the past couple of years, which eventually succumbed to competitors like On Demand and Netflix.   The writing was on the wall earlier this year when the franchise closed more than 150 stores and now it will dim the lights on the country’s remaining 250 shops.

Well for what it’s worth, thank you Blockbuster.  Thanks for letting me spend hours upon hours wondering your aisles, recommending movies to strangers and letting me discover the classic movies that my parents and grandparents grew up on.

Before you close, I’ll try to swing by one last time, for old times’ sake.

Mike Morrison