I haven’t seen Canadians this worked up over anything to do with CBC since they decided to cut the original hockey night in canada theme.

By now you’ve all heard that Billy Bob Thornton went six kinds of ape shit on Jian Ghomeshi‘s The Q on Wednesday morning. And in case you haven’t seen the video, it is definitely has bad as you might think. Surprisingly, I HATE confrontational arguments, so I stopped this video like 7 times before finally making it through. It is the definition of awkward.

And while Billy Bob Thronton obviously woke up with the hooker still in the bed that morning, Jian Ghomeshi is a class act for the way he stood up to him.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Ghomeshi is Light‘s manager. She won a Juno this year for Best New Artist, you should check her myspace page out

Ghomeshi is proof of why CBC is important. If you aren’t doing so already make sure you listen to CBC whenever you get a shot. If there are any more cuts, we’ll have to start listening to Vibe 98.5 when they interview douches like Thornton and no one wants that!

Sample interview:
vibe: So Billy Bob, you know we’re great right?
bbt: monster magazines eat bananas
vibe: why yes, we will tell you how great we are for doing charity work
bbt: bookmark ran the doorknob up Whistler
vibe: Did you know that our boss makes us call him everyday on air?
bbt: You mean Boss Chad?
vibe: man, you are so lucky for knowing his name. congrats.


Mike Morrison