Stampede is just around the corner!  And everyone knows that one of the best things about the Calgary Stampede are the free pancake breakfasts you’ll find all over the city for 10 straight days!

One of the biggest breakfasts every year is the CBC Stampede Breakfast!  This year it will be taking place Thursday July 3rd from 7-9am (Mountain time) and guest pancake flippers will include:
-Mayor Dave Bronconier
-Alderman John Mar (awkward encounter alert)
Elizabeth May (leader of the Green Party)
Andrew Brash (climbed Everest)
Bret Hart and/or Paul Brandt
Kevin Taft (who on Thursday just stepped down from the Liberal Party Leader job!)
Yes….you did just read that right!!!!  I was so excited for the past week I have been barely able to sleep!  I’ve been up late every night practicing how to flip so many pancakes at once!  It’s going to be insane!!!
I am also pumped because right now I am scheduled to share the shift with Elizabeth May and we have a lot of things to talk about!!!!
The breakfast is going to be a LOT of fun and I hope all you Calgary readers can take a moment on your way to work (or on your way home from the bar) to swing by and share a pancake with me!  My shift flipping the flapjacks is between 7:30am-8am.  Be sure to check out all the event details on the Facebook Event Page I made just for this event!
If you aren’t going to be in the Calgary area you can listen to the whole thing on CBC’s internet radio station which can be found on their website!
If I wasn’t excited for stampede before, I am now!

Mike Morrison