It’s hard to believe that Big Brother Canada wrapped up its first season almost a month ago. And while it seems that most people have moved on from the CRAZY finale, it was only a matter of time before the cast starting popping back up online.

Peter Brown, who was one half of The Sheyld allian is returning to his YouTube roots.   If you head over to his page, you’ll see that he’s been reviewing and analyzing his season of Big Brother Canada, the only way that Peter could.  Some of the videos are actually interesting because I remember when I was interviewing the evicted house guests, it was weird because I knew way more than they did.  So now that the season is done and they are getting a chance to watch the episodes, I bet the interviews would be a lot different now that they know more about the game play!

But if you like your Peter squared, you have to check out the new video he a few days ago with Vancouver-based comedian Peter Chao. It’s a pretty funny, most geeky video with the two Peter’s comparing the new announcements about the new Xbox 1 and PS4.  I seriously have no idea if one of them is more right than the other, I’m still using my old school Gameboy. But I gotta say, even though I didn’t always love him on BBCan, it’s definitely good to see Peter back on screen again. For better or worse, he does make for good TV, or YouTube videos, rather.

(Oh and for you super fans, I know that both Peters were friends before Big Brother Canada, but for the sake of the headline, let’s pretend they just met, mmmkay?)



Mike Morrison