After an absolutely crazy first season and I do mean CRAZY, Big Brother Canada returns next week on March 5th (on Slice) with, what I can only assume will be the second houseguest. Early this morning, the list of houseguest were revealed and here’s what we know so far:





Adel Elseri: self-proclaimed spoiled brat from Alberta with a penchant for drama-inducing dilemmas.

Andrew Gordon: charming, tri-lingual, Montréal-born macho man with a travel bug as big as he is.

Anick Gervais: small-town Ontario gal who meditates and wants to inspire the world with her spirituality.

Arlie Shaban: salesman and über-fan from the Greater Toronto Area who has mastered the art of strategy.

Heather Decksheimer: promotional model from Edmonton who is as bubbly as she is blonde.

Ika Wong: Jamaica-born bombshell running her own business and living in Thornhill with her two children.

Jon Pardy: goofy Newfoundlander and minor league hockey player who is always the life of the “pardy.”

Kenny Brain: handsome East Coaster and all-around athlete with a competitive streak.

Kyle Shore: self-assured Nova Scotian with big biceps and an ego to match.

Neda Kalantar: fashion stylist from BC ready to storm the house with her no-holds-barred attitude.

Paul Jackson: loving father, loyal husband, and motivational speaker living in Toronto.

Rachelle Diamond: healthy and fit girl-next-door from Alberta earning a degree in psychology.

Sabrina Abbate: lively Italian from Montréal who’s not afraid to push boundaries and buttons.

Sarah Miller: mortgage broker and mother of two living in BC with a personality as sweet as it is spicy.

And the final houseguest will remain a surprise until March 5th. I hope it’s not someone from last season, because I love me some Gary Glitter, I think it’s too early to be brining back returning players.

#FINALHG: ? tune in March 5th to find out.
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So what do you think of the cast so far? Who do you think will be the final houseguest?

Mike Morrison


  1. I have to Cheer on Andrew! Long, long time friend and long time family friend and happens to live up the street from me, 😉 he’s got my vote! Best of luck!

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