Wow!  I can’t believe the first season of Big Brother Canada finale is finally upon us. It feels like just yesterday that they sent out the press release announcing that the show was finally being development for Canadian audiences.

But after 74 days of flip outs, back stabs, lies and a lot of making out, the end of Big Brother Canada’s inaugural season is nigh.

With the hours ticking away until the live finale, only three houseguests remain:

Jillian MacLaughlin, the 27-year-old teacher from New Glasgow, NS.
Gary Levy, the 21-year-old Bartender and fashion stylist assistant from Toronto, ON
And Emmett Blois, the 24-year-old dairy farmer from Gore, NS.

First things first, can I just say how awesome it is that there are two maritimers in the finale of show that’s all about lying and cheating. We never do well in shows like this!

So who will win and who should win? That’s the question.

Jillian is the player with the bloodiest hands, which means that there are a lot of people in the Jury House who are mad at her. Has she lied and promised one too many times? Or will the jury recognize her amazing gameplay. She’s won four HoHs and is the only houseguest to never be nominated. To make it to the finale and never be nominated is definitely impressive.

While Jillian might look the guiltiest, it can be argued that she’s just been doing Emmett’s dirtywork. Her showmance has been playing the best strategic game, getting people to do his dirty work and then getting rid of them the first chance he can (Peter!). He’s been a tough competitor, winning 3 HoHs and 3 POVs and the one and only time he was nominated was the very first week! Since then, he’s been the unofficial leader of the house.

Gary is the player with the most lives! He’s been nominated more than any other contestant (5 times!) and has actually been evicted, only to be voted back in during the Chevy Powershift. The two PoVs he won came at crucial times and he’s personality went from grating to lovable in a matter of a few weeks. Out of the three houseguests, in the jury’s eyes, he might be the most likable.

So, who’s going to win?

My money is on Emmett. I think the houseguests will recognize is amazing gameplay, both in competitions and strategy. Jillian has lied five too many times and the jury might think Gary playing for a second time isn’t exactly fair. But it all comes down to who wins the last HoH tonight.

If Gary wins, he should take Jillian.
If Jillian wins, she should take Gary (but she’ll take Emmett.)
If Emmett wins, it doesn’t matter who he takes, the game and the $100,000 is his.

Those are my predictions, agree or disagree?

Big Brother Canada’s finale airs tonight at 9pm ET/PT on SLICE.

Mike Morrison


  1. Gillian should share her winnings with Gary. She did not win it fairly. Don’t like the outcome at all.

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