Okay, I’m going to be writing this post as I go. But I wanted to show you the video, because it was insane. During tonight’s Big Brother Canada finale, Topaz voted for the wrong person and what happened next was crazy. She was supposed to vote for Gary to win the inaugural season, but she accidentally voted for Jillian, who ended up winning…by one vote.

Already, Twitter is set ablaze, with people saying there is some sort of conspirarcy, but the video clearly shows Topaz voting for Jillian!  Seriously, I can’t think of a crazier thing to happen during a finale.

What I’m still thinking about is what would have happened if the show was live (which it clearly wasn’t.)  If you watch Arisa’s face, you know that she knows all hell is about to break lose. And moments before the action went down, people started tweeted me what happened. I blocked them immediately because that’s super annoying.  I’m guessing they were audience memebers. I know there’s lots of tricky elements to live TV, but something like this is exactly why finale’s need to be live.  Only the first season finale of Survivor was taped, with the rest of the winners being revealed live, because the result being spoiled is just too risky!

So what do you think about the situation?  Should Jillian give up some of the money to Gary? Would you?  I’m going to keep watching the video.

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 9.18.35 PM

Mike Morrison


  1. I would like to tell the hose to do something with her hair
    second to make sure she wears something long to hide her legs

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