Three weeks into Big Brother Canada and the alliances are both getting stronger and falling apart.  It seems that after all the pleasantries of the first few weeks, some people are just now learning to play the game. Sadly, Ika isn’t one of them.  Oddly, she’s made the game personal and instead of going after big targets, she used her HoH  to target what I consider to be the two weakest players. WHY DOESN’T ANYONE EVER GO AFTER THE BIG PLAYERS EARLY ON!

So, instead of someone like Andrew or Kenny, Paul got evicted, which likely makes the house more liveable, but the game is far less exciting than it could have been.

Hours after his eviction, I got to the chance to ask him some questions about his sometimes odd gameplay.
How much did your strategy change throughout the game?
It changed every time there was a shift in the house and I needed to adapt. So from the good to the bad to trusting Ika and Adel to keep me in the house. You can’t be in the house without adapting and changing as needed.

As the oldest member of the house, were you nervous about fitting in?
Surprisingly I wasn’t all that nervous because I knew that my personality was very flexible and I think that I can relate to all age groups. But once I got in, I realized that there were some people that I couldn’t relate to because I didn’t get a chance to get to know them. Had I been given more time to get to know them, I would have connected.

Who do you think Ika should have gone after this week?
Andrew and Kenny. They are the two most dominant forces in the house and they need to be stopped.

Who do you think is the least trust-worthy?
Kenny. Now that I know that Kenny is gay and he’s hiding it, I think that he is the least trustworthy since he’s being everything that he’s not. Dude, that’s like me saying that I don’t have kids.

What did you think when you found out about Andrew and Allison?
I wasn’t surprised. Allison came in as a single lady. Andrew is as horny as a rabbit in heat and the two make a great match.

With Allison being the new girl, do you think she has a chance of staying in the game much longer?
No way! Allison will be one of the first to go. She spends way too much time with Andrew and not enough time making alliances. Sooner or later, she will become expendable.

Mike Morrison

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