I’ve talked about staying home on Friday nights before. It’s really not that big of a deal for me anymore, nor should it be for anyone. After all, this week for me was ridiculous! I started a new job, went to an NHL game, I saw Christina Aguilera and vaguely remember the Pussycat Dolls. Needless to say a right to be exhausted! And exhausted I am.

However it hit me today, that being when you are so busy it is so easy to let those most important to you fall to the sidelines. So while everyone else was either going out to a bar, or sipping wine with friends. I got comfortable in my coziest pajamas and spent the night my newest friend Miguelito. Known to most as Tivo.

He has been so great to me all week, I’ve barely been there for him and yet every time I walk by or get up to get a sip a water there he is, his red recording light glowing. Taping shows I’ve selected and even shows he thinks I’ll like. And isn’t that a true sign of a great friend?

So with 3 day old pizza and a glass of milk in hand I settled into my couch for a marathon round with Miguelito and he did not disappoint. (Please take that sentence in the non-sexual way, thank you.)

We started with Grey’s Anatomy, and then moved onto America’s Next Top Model, up next was Scrubs, then 24. After a quick chat with some friends and my granny on the phone I was right back into Boston Legal. In haste I turned Tivo off for a second and saw the TV game show Identity. I couldn’t turn it off and now it is 11pm on a Friday night and I just realized that I just watched 5.5 hours of TV.

During this marathon session Miguelito and I had much to talk about. The following are a list of questions we both discussed, feel free to contribute to the conversation.

•Do the producers of ANTM actually provide heroine to Jael, or is she just sneaking it in?
•No matter how many times you tell her not to, why doesn’t Meredith Grey always have to get the last word?
•Can we go a single episode of 24 without killing or nearly killing a major character?
•Why doesn’t Sarah Chalke return our calls?
•Am I the only one that watches Boston Legal? Also, do you think Ally McBeal will ever show up, if you trace it back they are living in the same city.
•Britney’s first husband was one of the “Identities” on Identity, and yet he is still classier than Britney, why is that?

Tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful day in Calgary, so after chitchatting a little more with Miguelito we decided to go to bed. But as I turned the lights off around the apartment and headed to my room, I noticed that Miguelito’s red light had turned on. It had found something for me. And that’s when I realized. Like in high school, even though I pay $15 a month for this friend, he really is the best friend a lonely, single guy could ask for.

“Seriously Tyra, you of all people must be have a hit or something.”

Mike Morrison


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