Can you all do me a GIANT favour? I need you all to see Fantastic Mr. Fox. I need you to see it because it made me feel so good and put the biggest smile on my face. And I want you all to experience that warm feeling.

Fantastic Mr. Fox Quick Thoughts:
  • I was finally able to sit through a Wes Anderson movie!
  • If you’ve heard this movie is good, believe it. In fact, it’s better.
  • There was not a single kid in the entire theatre. Thus automatically qualifying it as the best children’s movie of all time.
  • I really strong crush on Cheap Movie Tuesdays. Especially because I still get my SCENE points.
  • I don’t really like kids, unless they are related to me. I promise to like you and your kid if you take them to see it. Skip junk like Planet 51 and show them a real kids movie.
  • I love how they used the word “cuss” instead of swearing. My favourite example is: “This has turned into quite a cluster-cuss!”
  • Is it strange that my three favourite movies of the year (Fox, UP! and Where The Wild Things Are) are all kids movies?
  • And yes, I did cry in all three. Shut your mouth down.

Mike Morrison