>After two years of looking, I have finally found my favorite Youtube video of all.time.

“David Goes to the Dentist” can suck it!
“Susan Boyle” can eat it!
Crazy french girl has it the bag!

Since finding this video last night, I have honestly lost track of how many times I’ve watched it. This girl is twelve kinds of crazy and I love every second of it!! I’m not sure if this was filmed as an audition to be the new co-host of the View or what, but I feel bad for whoever is going to end up teaching this psycho Dora-in training. I can’t confirm this, but I’m hearing rumors that Belinda Stronach has already recruited this girl to help her with her next political campaign. I think it was the putting poor animals in jail that sold Stronach on the idea!

I’m calling right now, this girl will someday rule the world. Or completely destroy it.


Mike Morrison