>I already did a blog post about some of the best and worst of the VJ Search 2.0, but there are so many, I thought it some deserved to be seen….for better or for worse.

It seems like everyone and their dog has submitted an audition tape for the MuchMusic VJ Search (except me.) If you are ever really bored or want to feel better about your life choices, just go to the VJ Search webpage and you’ll be overhwhelmed by the variety of videos and people.

I’ll be interested to see if Muchmusic chooses the videos that have been the most produced, or if they are really going to picking based on talent. I certainly hope they don’t pick based on room decor, because judging from the videos, no one in Canada decorates their rooms. It’s called IKEA people.

Here are some of the videos,

The Anti-Tim Deegan Award (or Most comfortable in front of the camera): Mana Mansour (link)

Most Boring Video/Bedroom: Dave Cocca

Best use of an Interview of someone that TERRIFIES me: Ron Cheng

I’ll never get that minute back: Andrew Layman

MuchMusic planted this guy right?:Andrew Bravner

Video Most Deserving of Extreme Home Make Over/ Intervention: Cassie Otto

MuchMusic will announce the Top 16 on October 13th!
Who do you think will take it?
Do you even care? And seriously, when will Tim Deegan start looking comfortable in front of the camera?

Mike Morrison