So its the last Monday morning of January 2008.

That’s exciting right?

Well it’s also the last Monday to vote in the Canadian Blog Awards.

Coincidence? I think not.

If you have the time (apparently it takes way less than my slow 2 minutes!), please don’t hesitate to click on over to the voting website and vote for Mike’s Bloggity Blog Blob…or is it blob blog? No, it is definitely the former (holy shit I figured it out!).

If you’ve forgotten which categories to vote in, I’ve luckily had them drilled in to my memory and can list them upon request.

They are:
Best Blog
Best Blog Post (for this one)
Best Celebrity Media Blog (down with rick mercer)
Best Cultural/Entertainment Blog
Best Humor Blog

Voting closes at midnight on January 30th (Wednesday).
Oh and there may or may not be a Facebook group. OK there is, but I’m trying to stay humble (like I didn’t create it, which I totally did).

Thanks everyone!!!

Mike Morrison