Tonight CBC’s Being Erica makes its big move to Wednesday night.  It’s a big move because, when it comes to ratings, Being Erica is turning into being a problem for the CBC.

A few weeks ago the show dipped to a dangerously not good 362,000 viewers. In comparison, Glee was airing at the same time as Being Erica and was easily pulling in more than two million gleeks.  While the two shows can’t really be compared, it certainly doesn’t help make a case for keeping Erica Strange around for too much longer.

For me the show has never been better.  While TV critic Bill Brioux disagrees, I think the show has finally found its footing and like LOST doesn’t need to explain everything, just as long as you happy to enjoy the ride.  The problem is that the show has become so involved and a little complicated, that it is extremely difficult to pick up new viewers.  Last week’s “Previously on Being Erica” seemed to go on for about five minutes.

Everyone knows that there is no bigger fan of Being Erica than me.  In its three short seasons I think it has showed that Canadian writers can make different kinds of shows that include a mixture of women-friendly program with a dash of sci-fi.

Being Erica has never been the rating success that it should have been.  But either was Friday Night Lights and even that got five seasons.  Let’s all do our part to make sure Being Erica stays exactly where it is!

Being Erica airs tonight on CBC.

Mike Morrison


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