According to the blog TV Feeds My Family, CBC’s Being Erica is having quite the yo-yo season. Check out the ratings for the first three episodes:

Week One (Sept. 22): 495,000
Week Two (Sept. 29): 793,000
Week Three (Oct. 6): 461,000

I wonder what’s causing such jumps and dips? From my experience, Being Erica has a HUGE online following, but I don’t know how many viewers are watching it online, I’m actually not sure if CBC even releases those numbers. I can’t imagine what else the network can do to get higher numbers for the show. The buzz is huge, the star is hot and the show is really good. Yet that doesn’t seem to be enough for this show.

Are you watching Being Erica? How are you watching?

If not, how come? Do you love The Biggest Loser that much?

Here’s hoping for better numbers next week!

Mike Morrison