Bad news for all of you Being Erica fans south of the border.   Disney announced today that SoapNet is closing it’s doors by January 2012.  This is obviously stressful news for fans the time-travelling series since SoapNet is the american home of Being Erica.

I have no freaking idea what happens to a series when the network shuts down, but I’m guessing someone will have to pick up the rights.  While Being Erica has found a nice home on cable, maybe this will be the push a network like ABC needs to pick it up as a summer series?!  And what about NBC?  It is not like they have anything better on the air!

And what does this mean for Being Erica here in Canada?  The series got a ton of buzz in the USA and if there isn’t a network willing to air it anymore, CBC might have  a hard time thinking past season 3, which is currently filming!

Mike Morrison


  1. The few episodes I watched on SoapNet were heavily edited anyway so no big loss. I’ll just continue to download to watch it & buy the DVDs as they come out. Season Two was just announced!

  2. I don’t think that this concerns season 3 but, rather, future seasons. Although it seems to me that at the rate it’s going at now, future seasons of Erica are not looking too likely.

    I REALLY hope I’m wrong.

  3. The AP reports the switch to Disney Junior actually happens January 2012, so season three of Being Erica could still air on SoapNet.

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