In case you’ve been living under a rock or never have read this blog before, you don’t know that Being Erica is coming back to TV tonight.

(If this is indeed your first time here, welcome. I’m awful at grammar and my mom and I enjoy Fuzion wine- there I think you are caught up.)

So today my blog about Being Erica is more of a plea. Please just watch it. Watch it for me, watch it for you, watch for the kids in the Unicef commercials, if you have to. If every there was a time that it was easy to support Canadian Television, it is now, with Being Erica.
The show is easily one of the smartest and true-to-life to dramedy’s that we’ve seen in years. And yes, I’m including The Little Hobo and Degrassi. We are lucky that the show’s star, Erin Karpluk, hasn’t been picked up by those greedy American studios yet. She is prime for a starring role on Grey’s Anatomy, so watch her while you can.
So if my desperate plea is not enough, I’m going to whammy you with a bunch of links:

Mike Morrison