It was only a matter of time, earlier this weekend Billy Bob announced that his band, The Boxmasters, would abort the cross canada trek and not continue to tour with Willy Nelson, in light of him being a douchy mcdoucherson on CBC earlier this week.
What’s funny about this whole thing is that Canadian’s are pretty nice people.  It takes a LOT to piss us of and we pretty much let anything slide. But somehow BBT was able to find that “piss-off button” in about 7 minutes and keep hitting it repeatedly.  By now the video has been seen by 1.5 million people, that is not an easy number for a publicist to fix.  
Secondly, just cause this is your fall back career BBT, it doesn’t mean it is for the rest of the poor Boxmasters, who will now probably have to back to their day jobs as accountants and record store sales clerks.   Maybe one of them will open up a monster comic book store in your honor.
But for now this whole issue is water under the bridge.  If anything, it gave canada something to bond over…at least until the final episode of Corner Gas later on this week.

Lastly, after having four kids with three different women, it’s nice to see Billy Bob finally pull out of something.

Mike Morrison

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