In any other country the title of this blog post would be mean something so much cooler. But alas, we are Canadian and we all know that The Barenaked Ladies are from our home and native land.

Well the band dropped some shocking news today when they announced that lead singer Steven Page is leaving the group to pursue solo projects! Of course, given his recent run in with cocaine, it’s probably safe to assume that by solo projects he means getting high in alleys. But that is just a guess!

The band has said that they’ll continue on without him because…well really what other choice does the band have? I think the band should have a reality show to find their newest singer. I know lots of friends in Calgary and the maritimes that got some mad skills!

But the news of Page leaving shouldn’t be taken lightly. It was too long ago that BNL was one of the most original bands out there, they created catchy songs and knew how to throw a great concert.

But if you ask me, this whole thing reaks of a reunion tour just around the corner. Page won’t be gone longer than one week. (get it? see what I did there? clever.)

In memory of the band as we currently know it check out my too favorite BNL songs below! What about you? Do you have some favorite songs? Do you care that Page is leaving? Do you have any drugs he could buy off you?

Mike Morrison