It may be winter but it’s the perfect time to take a journey packed full of adventure, relaxation and unique experiences in your very own backyard.

Perfectly located in the heart of Canada’s Rocky Mountains, Canmore is less than an hour west of Calgary and home to the Grassi Lakes Trail, the Three Sisters mountains and so much more.

Sure, as an Albertan you’ve probably visited Canmore at least once in your lifetime but did you really experience all it has to offer? Many haven’t.

From the wide array of outdoor adventures the town has to offer to the many local craft beer and distilled spirit brands bursting onto the scene and everything in between, Canmore has it all, says Canmore Tourism executive director Dave Rodney.

“Canmore is an incredible gem for Alberta, for Canada and beyond, so when folks are looking for an authentic mountain town experience, it’s right here waiting for them with open arms,” Rodney says.

“I think many people from Calgary and Edmonton maybe haven’t realized that all of these adventures are literally in their own backward ready to enjoy.”

It may sounds cliche, but Canmore literally has something for everyone and whether it’s relaxing at a spa, taking in the best culinary feasts the town has to offer or exploring both the skies and the caves, the town is loaded with a wide variety of activities for tourists and locals alike.

Take Carissa Lewis, for example, who grew up in Calgary before venturing to the University of Alberta for her degree but as soon as she graduated two years ago, discovered her new home in Canmore. An avid outdoor enthusiast, Lewis couldn’t resist the allure of the mountains calling her name.

“There’s so much to love about this town,” she says.

“There’s something about it that you can’t find anywhere else; it just feels like home. There’s always something to do, whether it’s summer or winter, and while I love living here year-round, there’s something extra special about winter in Canmore.”

Rodney agrees.

“From an adventure perspective, there is so much you can do on a mountain, in a cave, on the water and from the sky. Whether it’s dog sledding, hiking, climbing a mountain, show-shoeing, rafting or doing a helicopter tour, there is just so much to do,” he explains.

“And for someone who isn’t into that side of things, they can stay indoors and visit the many restaurants, the retail spots, the spas, maybe some yoga, they can go swimming or skating with the backdrop of the mountains.”

It’s worth noting that Canmore’s culinary and local craft scene is something to experience in itself with award-winning chefs and farm-table food options galore.

“There are some pretty great places to eat and incredible places to stay so you can really treat yourself when you come here for a visit. It’s just a wonderful place to get away from it all,” Rodney adds.

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