Look movie-goers, I’ve put up with a lot of crap because of you lately. Did I cry when National Treasure 2 was made? Maybe. Did it hurt when American Teen did so poorly? More than a blogger can explain. I don’t even care that Jessica Alba continues to book movies even though she has never been in a successful one. But this weekend you all took it too far. I’m talking about Beverly Chihuahua being the number one movie in North America. Read it again if you have to, but facts are facts. The movie about talking dogs made over $29 Million in three days alone. That is alot of money that could have gone to the SPCA instead!

Now I’m not a shining example of wasting money on movies that you shouldn’t see. I’m embarrased to admit how many times I went to Coyote Ugly. Ignoring the irony that Chihuahua and Ugly both star Piper Perabo. But still, at least my movie featured Def Leopard’s Pour Some Sugar on Me. This weekend’s number one movie features talking dogs, wasn’t Look Who’s Talking Now bad enough?

Shame on you movie go-ers. Shame on you indeed.
Side note: God I loved Coyote Ugly.

Mike Morrison