This week my roommate and I are hosting her sister and their two friends as they make the long trek from New Brunswick to Kelowna, BC. When they arrived yesterday I was suprised that the three arrived in such a small car and they were still getting along. I remember when I made the migration with my friend Jessica the car was crammed packed tighter than Rosie O’Donnell in a size 35 dress.

The girls that are visiting, being girls, wanted to go out on the town and because my roommate and I rarely go out we decided to give them directions and send them on there way.

Before they left they had to get ready. Now maybe it’s because growing up my sister had to always get ready in 5 minutes and my roommate wears little to no make up and sometimes jokes that she is manlier than me (sigh), but I had no idea how hard it is to actually be a girl!

It was at least two hours before they were finally ready to go out and when I got up this morning there were “things” everwhere. In a matter of hours our apartment looked like a Mac store had exploded in our kitchen, bedrooms and living room. They found shelve space in our bathroom for their products that I didn’t even we had!

There were so many little appliances all over the place I thought I was in a dentist office. Seriously girls, do you need to curl every part of your body?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love having visitors. The girls are very nice, I’m just shocked at how much I didn’t know about “girly” things! I’m glad to finally have been exposed!

Mike Morrison