>How powerful is the written word? That is a question I recently had been asking and just this week I came upon the answer and it turns out it’s quite powerful.

Last week I wrote about Energy 101.5’s newest contest called Diva Las Vegas. I found that although the contest’s prize of spending 24 hours in Vegas with only women was a great idea, I happen to find it a wee bit sexist.

It was only 2 days after that entry appeared on The Q that several different representatives from Calgary’s newest radio stations had contacted me. They were very interested in the piece and wanted to talk to me about my issue with the contest. Tuesday morning I got a call from the station’s morning show crew Freeway Frank, Meg Tucker and producer Dancin’ Ian. They interviewed me on air about guys being left out of the very popular contest. It was great really fun to hear myself on the radio but the whole time I was plagued by one question: “Do people really get up before 7:30am?” Turns out quite a bit do.

Tuesday afternoon my cell phone rang again. It was the station manager who wanted me to come down to his office and meet with another station representative. We had a great meeting discussing the pros and cons about letting boys join the women only contest. It was a tough sell but I left feeling confident that I was able to convince him to at least think about it. At the very least I got to keep the Energy 101.5 pen I stole from his office.

The next day I received another call from the station. They wanted me to come down to the station again, but this time it would be in studio during the popular morning show. I was very excited because this would be my first time in an actual radio studio. Unless you count the time CBC interviewed me for graduating high school. Apparently people expected I wouldn’t for some reason.

Thursday morning I hung out with the morning crew awaiting a huge announcement from Station Manager Rob Mise. While there I got to talk on air about entertainment news (my favorite!) and other general chitchat. When it was time for the big announcement Rob announced that the contest known as Diva Las Vegas would be now known as Diva and Divo Las Vegas! The station had obviously decided that the power of The Q was too much to deal with and would now allow guys to play and win their own trip to Vegas. Seconds later I was further surprised when I myself was invited on the trip with Freeway Frank as my Mandate!

After the announcement I was whisked upstairs where I recorded my very first commercial! The commercial has been airing adnausum since Thursday (not that I mind) and I have been getting calls and texts from confused people who now have to listen to me on their way to work. My mom has never been happier to not live in Calgary.

It’s hard to believe that 5 days after I wrote the piece for the Q so much has happened. The contest had been changed, ads recorded and reprinted. Oh and lets not to forget that I now get a free trip to Vegas!

Every since Thursday, a lot of people have been saying that I must have a horseshoe up my ass. Turns out I don’t. I’m just willing to try. I had a strong opinion about something and decided to say (or write) something about it. It could have backfired. But what’s the worst that could have happened? They could have never called and I would have gone on living with my TIVO in happy bliss. But they did call and now I feel like I was able to do something great!

So what’s the moral of this long entry? Do it. Whether it is asking for that raise. Do it. Finally going on that date with the girl from down the hall? Just ask. Or packing up your life and moving to Guam. Get a passport then go! We’ve heard it all our lives but it’s true. You don’t know until you try. At the very worst you might end up with a radio station’s pen.

Mike Morrison