I can’t handle another type social media. I’m so spread out, I feel like this girl I knew in high school. Actually, a lot of people knew her….

Anyway, the newest internet craze is called Chatroulette. It is a video chat website that randomly sets you up to talk to strangers. Basically it goes against everything Dateline has ever taught us. And yes, I trust Dateline more than my own parents. You should too.
Well a University of Calgary student got the shock of his life this week, when he logged into Chatroulette and ended up chatting with Ashton Kutcher.
The highlight of the conversation was when Kutcher started talking about going to the Calgary Stampede and being overwhelmed with the drunk people on the C-Train. Me and you both Kutcher, me and you both. And please, as if you weren’t one of the drunk people on the trains. I know, I always am!
You click here to read their chat.
Now, if someone could line up a chat with me and Kristen Bell, that would be sweet.

Mike Morrison


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