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Do you remember watching Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine? The filmmaker made a point of how violence obsessed the United States were compared to Canada. He even paid our country a visit to futher drive home his point. But after reviewing last week Canadian TV ratings, I can’t help but think that maybe Michael Moore spoke too soon.

Did you know that 3 of Canada’s most watched shows last week contained the letters C, S, I. And no, unfortunately, one of the shows wasn’t Veronica Mars. That’s right. The original CSI, CSI: Miami and CSI: NY all place at or near the top of ratings chart. Two of them even placed higher then American Idol. Seeing these numbers make me wonder: Why is Canada so crime obsessed?

Maybe it is because most of us don’t have to live with it everyday. Maybe it’s so we can escape our safe world, where we leave our house doors unlocked or know that if we misplace our cellphones, we’ll probably get it back. But isn’t watching at least 3 to 4 murders a week enough?

When comparing the Canadian results to our American counterparts, only the original CSI places in the Top 5. In 5th place to be exact. CSI: Miami is right behind it in 6th. But Michael Moore told us that the American are crime obsessed, so that explains why they watch it, but us? With so much to choose from including Corner Gas and…..um. Hmm, it doesn’t look good. But then again maybe that’s it, maybe Canadian TV is so bad, that the only way the viewers can find refuge is to watch David Curuso cheese his way through the Miami lagoons.

What happened to the days when Road to Avonlea ruled the airwaves? Nowadays we would rather watch poor Sarah Stanley get all chopped up instead of chasing dreamy Felix down a red dirt road. Nice Canada, very classy stuff. I guess the 3.4 million Canadians that watched CSI last week, really have nothing better to watch, or do for that matter.

“This would have never happened to Anne!”

Here’s hoping that the recent surge in violent TV shows will come to an end soon. But with shows like Robson Arms still on TV, I can’t see this happening any time soon.

Mike Morrison