Ever since The Sarah Silverman Program went on Summer hiatus, I have been looking to fill my bitter female comic hunger. Luckily my TIVO suggested I watch Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List. Boy, am I glad it did.

This show is histarical. It is docu-dramady following the life of Kathy Griffin as she tries to get her life off the D list. The journey is honestly so funny. The show follows her from her comedy routines, getting dating advice from her parents, hanging out with her 3 assistants and trying to date celebrities so she can end up on TMZ and Perez Hilton.

I did a little “research” and I now know that Canada is airing the episodes a little bit behind the good ol’ US of A. But if you are looking for a great belly laugh check out my new favorite summer show on the Comedy Network Thursday nights at 11pm.

Side note: I once sat 5 rows behind Kathy at a Celebrity Duets taping, but I was too scared to talk to her. But if I had known that I could have ended up on her show, I would have been all over that!

Mike Morrison