A little fact about Michael Morrison.

If something has the headline: “If you have balls, The Comedy Network wants you to upload yours”, you best believe I will clicking on that link.

Upload Yours is a new comedy site that is giving Canadian webisode makers, on-line spoofers and stand-up warriors the chance to upload their funniest videos. Meanwhile, arm-chair critics, and trend-spotting bloggers can rant or rave about talents and posers, create unique profiles, or just observe the ever-changing landscape of Canadian comedy.

Like Funnyordie.com, the site will feature videos from actual comedians and Canadian personalities but will be focusing on giving armatures a chance at getting noticed!

Viewers will get to rate the videos on a what I consider a slightly inappropriate/awesome scale:

1-15% – Itty Bitty Balls (worst video)

16-40% – Blue Balls

41-65% – Middlin’ Diddlin’ Balls

66-90% – Flaming Donkey Balls

91-100% – Monster Balls (best video)

The sites biggest problem right now is that some it’s featured videos “My Worst Gig”, are painfully unfunny. Comic Darrin Rose tells a boring story about how his worst gig ever was when he bombed in front of an audience. Unfortunately his story about bombing bombs. I have more faith in the other comics featured on the site like Debra DiGiovanni, Laurie Elliott, (both from Video on Trial).

The good thing about putting your stuff on this site is that Canadians are waaaaay too nice and are super passive aggressive. Our meanest comments are usually compliments?

So what do you got to lose? If you end up posting something let me know and I’ll put it on Mike’s Bloggity Blog too!

Mike Morrison