>So last year my cousin introduced me to Feist. You know, I thought she was OK, but nothing amazing. But the more and more I listened to her CDs, the more and more I enjoyed them. They are just great working music. Usually when I’m doing some writing or surfing on the web I’m usually listening to Feist, who in the spring released her 2nd CD called The Reminder.

I’m also impressed because Feist has put out two of the most interesting and enjoyable music videos in recent memory.

The first one is called, “1, 2, 3, 4”. It is super trippy and no matter how many times you watch it you will never figure out how it was filmed the way it was!


The second one is called “My moon, my Man” and it is pretty cool as well. Mostly because she gets to play on a flat escalator the whole. And let’s face it. Who hasn’t always wanted to do that. Great Friday Listening.

So officially the busiest two weeks in recent memory comes to a close this weekend. The past 2 weeks have been insane. My sister and her family have been visiting, Ive also been participating in a 8 day long bachelor party which has included Chuck Wagon Races, White Water Rafting and Sailor costumes (don’t ask.) On top of the that I’ve had two of my cousins visit from different sides of the families and of course who can forget STAMPEDE! I’m so exhausted! I think I need to listen to some Feist!

Mike Morrison