By now you’ve all heard Britney’s new single “Gimme More”. Like you, I assume the song is about cocaine or ghoneria, but still enjoy listening to it none the less. I can’t really explain why besides the fact that I am a sucker for a catchy yet repeatable tune. I mean really who doesn’t love knowing all the words to a song after only two listens? I do! I do!

That is why I’m kinda excited to see Britney perfrom under the direction of Chris “mindfreak” Angel at the MTV Video Music Awards this Sunday live from Vegas. If you’ve been reading Perez Hilton (and I know you have), Britney is a train wreck. Like I am talking makes my mom “look sober when she gave birth to me” kinda of a train wreck!

MTV couldn’t have asked for better free publicity. I mean Britney fan (singular) is going to be watching cause he (40 year old fat man) LOVES her, and the rest of the world will watch because they want to see her fall flat on her face. This night is huge for Britney. If she nails it she has a chance at a comeback, if she fails, I don’t even think having sex with Madonna on stage would be able to save her career!

I know I’ll be watching this Sunday! If you haven’t heard the song yet, here is my favorite version of it. It is a remix of the song with T.I.

Also, I feel like I should admit something. I am addicted to this song. It’s seriously a problem. In the past 3 days I have listened to it an unhealthy 38 times! The song? Apologize by Timbaland. Honestly I have no idea why I love it so much. It is already #2 on my most played Itunes play list! Do you know how crazy that is? I think the girl that lives in the attic above me (lets call her Anne) hates me so much for replaying it over and over! In case your curious the #1 song is still held on by The Fray and “Look After You” with a completely unreasonable 57 listens. Or 4.2 hours. Someone get me an Itunes gift card, I need to listen to more music!

Here is the my NEW FAVORITE SONG!

Mike Morrison