“Sally” breaks through the Quebec border! (09.21.2005)

Today is a strange day. I was entering some data into my computer and I looked at the calender and I saw the date. Sept 21. Wow. it was exactly 1 year ago today that I left everyone and everything behind and hit the road with one my greatest friends Jessica. When I think back to the days leading up to Sept 21st, I can remember going to the Harvest Jazz and Blues festival and just hanging with my nephew and niece, I guess I didn’t put too much thought into how much my life would change because of one single day.

It was amazing road trip! I wouldn’t want to do it within anyone else besides Jessica. There was laughing and crying, it was an emotional rollercoaster. There were strippers in Thunder Bay, Inookshooks on the side of the highway, scary hotel “suites”, a Caberet with my grandmother. Jessica learned how to drive a standard! We met some amazing people along the way, saw some of the weirdest Canadian monuments and got stuck behind some of the slowest transport trucks. If you’ve ever thought about driving across this amazing country do it. Just don’t do it in a Saturn, strange people will touch your car as your filling your gas. It was awkward.

Since arriving in Calgary it has truly made me a different person. The people, the experiences, the opportunities are priceless. (some of them I guess i would trade for some DVDs, but for the most part!). I’ve had 4 jobs, done 2 plays, camped in the mountains, climbed a couple of them too, and yes even got lost along the way! The past year has truly changed my definition of who I am. I got my very first apartment, began paying bills and facing the world.

There are some nights when I see pictures of home or hear stories that I wonder what it would be like if I had stayed. But most of the time I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I had. I would have missed so much.

So to wrap this anniversary announcement up i would like to thank jessica for ALWAYS pushing me. and for all my friends all over the world, you know how much you all mean to me and who knows when we’ll meet again, but I hope it is real real soon!

Mike and Jess discover ALBERTA (09.31.2005)

“If you think my car is dirty, you should see my girlfriend!”

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Mike Morrison