Film geeks and hipsters rejoice!  We are only one day away from the premiere of the new Spike Jonze/Arcade Fire short film!  Hold on to your pants Rory Gilmore it is going to be good!  The movie is called Scenes From The Suburbs and it has all the makings of a classic flick that will be sure to make hipster’s skinny jeans shrink with sheer excitement.

On Wednesday at SXSW, the Canadian Grammy winners will debut their new shot-film directed by the ever so culty Spike Jonze.  Earlier today they released the trailer for the film and it looks like it will be a little shocking, a wee bit graphic and yes, a whole lot of intense.   The flick was inspired by the band’s Suburbs album and is narrated by the band’s singer/guitarist Win Butler, whose brother William Butler co-wrote the film with Spike Jonze.

After the premiere at the festival, the movie will be making its debut on DVD. I love the album and I love Spike Jonze.  Seems like an easy purchase, no?

Mike Morrison