Calling all Canadian Film Makers!!!!

Are you out there? Are you listening?
Oh hi, there you are! How is it going? No, I didn’t just call you to say hello, I wanted to tell you something. What was it? Well, if you hold on one second, I’m just waiting for everyone to get here…..
Everyone here? Okay. Here we go:
CBC Radio Canada has a new competition made just for all you talented film makers out there. It’s called Roots and you can submit a short film or multimedia about your personal history or that of your family! They can be in any style: avant-garde, sitcom or short docs! They can even be an animated short, photo essay or anything else that shows the story in a visual form.
Need a story: How about the time I was drunk in the Glendon Campus residence in Toronto and my “friends” shaved my head for the first time in the bathroom. Boy, was that a confusing morning. Avant-Garde? Check. Original? Check. What more could you want? I’ll even act in it!
The winners will share nearly $13,000 in prizes and their names will be disclosed online in the spring of 2010. RCI’s jury will select 8 winners, 4 in French and 4 in English and web surfers will also have a chance to vote for their favorite production in the “short film” and multimedia categories, at www.rcinet.ca/roots
I’m telling you, my bathroom story is golden.
Good luck filmakers!
Check out the Roots website today, you only have 38 days!!!

Mike Morrison

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  1. 1daI use to be a docent at the Roger Williams Park & Zoo in Providence, Rhode Island. It was by far the most rneradiwg volunteer (and paid) work I’ve ever done. I remember the excitement of when the Red Panda came to our facility! I took many, many photos during this time, but none able to capture the true character of wild animals in captivity, as yours do. As always, thank you for your work, Patrick.HHBlogAngel

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