>Here is another entry in the every popular Anti-Christmas Series:

With just over a month until Christmas, this is the time people start panicking over getting gifts for the people they love.

But what about the people we hate?
Yes, I buy gifts for people I hate. I like to follow the “kill them with kindness.” philosophy. Sometimes these gifts are quality (so they’ll feel bad), other times they are crap to annoying them (because that makes me feel good.)
But usually buying gifts for people you hate, is a lot harder than you might think!
No so much this year.
All you need to do is call Rap Master Maurice.
For a very economical $7, he will call the person who has pissed you off and sing a custom written rap about what a jerk they’ve been!
How amazing is that?!
And it’s not just for people you hate, according to his website he’ll do it for pretty much anything: “BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE? TERRIBLE MEAL AT A RESTAURANT? TIRED OF A WORN OUT RELATIONSHIP? WAYWARD RELATIVE OWES YOU MONEY? UNABLE TO BE PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE?” I know I could totally use him for the last one!
You can even buy a CD of 37 of his most extreme revenge tracks! My friend Lindsey heard it on CBC this past weekend and says that it is hilarious!

Here is a very strange/awesome video of Rap Master Maurice!

Merry Christmas?

Mike Morrison