>Tonight I lost my virginity….again. This time to James Bond….the movie. Oh suspensful sentances how I love thee! That’s right folks after finally giving it up to Star Wars early last week, look who came a knockin’! Although the strangest thing happened when I was leaving the Casino Royale, on my out of the mall I stopped by the Sony store and bought a Sony digital camera, a Sony LapTop and a Sony Ericsson Cell Phone. Luckily I had my array of Ford cars to drive me home! Surely I don’t have the money for such large purchases, but I just had to, it was like I had just watched a movie full of commercials and and I thought that if I had the same things that Bond had (my baby blues are all natural) I would somehow be a better person. And you know what? I do feel better. Once I loaded all my purchases into my Ford Cars, I punched an old lady in the face. Sure James Bond would have picked a more formidale foe, but all in good time.

Also, did anyone else want to buy Vesper (Eva Green) a Halls. (cough losange)? Talking like that for 2 hours can’t be good for your vocal chords. Clear your throat once in a while!

My roomate pointed something out to me, with so many people checking my site out now (Thanks to EW) that maybe a celebrity has even checked it out! So if you are reading this and your name is either Natalie Portman, Jodie Sweeten, Mandy Moore or anyone from the cast of Veronica Mars…..um….hey…cool……..hi.

Mike Morrison