Seriously, what is in the Degrassi water?

It was just announced that Landon Liboiron who plays Declan “it’s is not rape, if I’m sexy about it” Coyne on Degrassi, will soon be the star of Steven Spielberg’s highly-anticipated adventure Terra Nova, Fox’s upcoming sci-fi series!

Liboiron has now joined a long line of Degrassi alumni who have found success on american network television including Shanae Grimes (90210), Nina Dobrev (Vampire Diaries) and Aubrey Graham (aka Drake) and north of the border where Stacey Farber is filming her second season of 18 To Life.

Since agents and networks are obviously watching Degrassi to see who than can pluck next, I thought I would do them a favour a pick a few of my favourite Degrassi stars from now and in the past, who are more than due for their turn in the international spotlight.

Anais Granofsky played Lucy on the original Degrassi and  hasn’t been seen since the second season of TNG but that doesn’t mean she can’t play Astrid’s creepy sister on Fringe.

I dare you to tell me that Jacob Goldsbie couldn’t play Luke’s tutor (and eventual BFF of Phil) on Modern Family He never got the story lines he deserved on Degrassi when he played Toby Isaacs, maybe a true comedic role will let him really shine.

Look we all know that Aislinn Paul is eventually going to be kidnapped from the Degrassi set and end up on a huge american show.  But can we promise to make sure it is a good one?  Something like Law and Order: SVU or maybe she could play one of the intern’s sister on Grey’s Anatomy?

Mike Morrison


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