>Tonight at my part time job at the hotel was supposed to be like any other. I got there and saw that I was bartending in one of our smaller banquet rooms. I grabbed my corkscrew and went to the bar and started getting the bar ready for the small private function of 50.

The band was setting up but I didn’t pay any attention….until they started playing.
I knew the voice sounded familiar, but I didn’t recognize it right away. I turned around and then I saw the curls. The unmistakable curls of Kalan Porter.
Your thinking: Wait, who is that?
I’m saying: Come on man, you know he is. He is the Canadian Idol, well, was the Canadian Idol 3 years ago. He is probably the most successful of the Idols, by that I mean he actually released a 2nd CD.
So what was he doing at the hotel?
Well, it turns out he was singing at the private function for the VIPs of one of Calgary’s biggest company’s.
So my night was spent sitting at a quiet bar listening to Kalan Porter. Oh also it was spent watching Kalan’s manager starting at him with an awkward intensity while singing the lyrics along with Kalan.
My only regret is that I didn’t get a chance to talk to him, but if I did it would have gone something like this:
Kalan: I’m sorry…are you Michael Morrison.
Me: Why yes I am.
Kalan: I thought that was you. I read your blog.
Me: You do!!!! That’s awesome! Thanks. I saw you on Canadian Idol. Congrats man.
Kalan: Well it was a couple of years ago…but thanks.
Me: So.
Kalan: Yup.
Me: I like your hair.
Kalan: I like your blog.
Me: You said that already.
Kalan: Did I? Well….
Me: Well I should go back to work.
Kalan: And I should…..
Kalan: Yeah…that. See ya.
Me: See ya.
But I digress.
So that makes three Idols that I’ve met. First there was this one, then this guy. Now Kalan. Now if I could just find Theresa Sokyrka
Hey Kalan Fans! The show was great, but a little subdued, but that wasn’t really his fault, it was a small crown of 50 and they didn’t really strike me as Kalan fans you know? Kalan sang about 6 songs, some I recognized like (down from heaven, and his Canadian Idol song), he also sang a U2 cover. The highlight though was when he brought some people from the audience and they sang back up! I saw Kalan perform a couple of years ago and he has really grown into quite the artist!

Mike Morrison