While everyone in the world is talking about the Oscars, let’s not forget that Canada will soon be celebrating the Genies!!! That’s exciting, right? RIGHT? Sure it is.

The Genie nominations were just announced and it is no surprise that the gritty and disturbing Polytechnique picked up a jaw-dropping 11 nominations.
Some of the film’s nominations included: Best Film, Best Direction, Original Screenplay, Lead Actress for Karine Vanasse and Supporting Actor for Maxim Gaudette.
The other films nominated for Best Film are 3 Saisons, Before Tomorrow, Fifty Dead Men Walking and Nurse.Fighter.Boy. My money is on Polytechnique.
Here are some of the other notable nominees for the awards:

  • Lead actress: Madeline Piujuq Ivalu, Before Tomorrow; Karen LeBlanc, Nurse.Fighter.Boy; Carinne Leduc, 3 Saisons; Gabrielle Rose, Mothers & Daughters; Karine Vanasse, Polytechnique.
  • Lead actor: Jean-Carl Boucher, 1981; Paul Dylan Ivalu, Before Tomorrow; Joshua Jackson, One Week; Clark Johnson, Nurse.Fighter.Boy; Stephen McHattie, Pontypool.
  • Supporting actor: Patrick Drolet, Father and Guns; John Dunsworth, Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day; Maxim Gaudette, Polytechnique; Rémy Girard, Father and Guns; Scott Speedman, Adoration.
  • Supporting actress: Liane Balaban, One Week; Marie Brassard, Heat Wave; Martha Burns, Love & Savagery; Isabel Richer, Babine; Sonia Vachon, 5150 Elm’s Way.
  • Original screenplay: Adoration; Father and Guns; Nurse.Fighter.Boy; Polytechnique; Victoria Day.
  • Adapted screenplay: Before Tomorrow; Fifty Dead Men Walking; Pontypool.
  • Feature documentary: A Hard Name; Ladies in Blue; Inside Hana’s Suitcase; Prom Night in Mississippi; R.I.P: A Remix Manifesto.
  • Short documentary: The Delian Mode; Passages; Petropolis: Aerial Perspectives on the Alberta Tar Sands.
  • Live action short: Danse Macabre; Gilles; Princess Margaret Blvd.; Land of Men; Life Begins.
  • Animated short: Runaway; The Spine; Viva La Rose.

The Genies will be handed out in Toronto (naturally) on April 12th. If you have some time this week, pass up seeing Avator for a second time and seek out some great Canadian film, trust me, it is out there.

Mike Morrison