Tonight, The first ever winner of Canada’s Got Talent was announced in dramatic fashion……

In the end, dance group, Sagkeeng’s Finest, from Fort Alexander, Manitoba were crowed the show’s winner and take home the top prize of a $100,000 prize, a car, a trip to Tobago, a spot in Citytv’s New Year’s Eve show and a chance to perform in Las Vegas.

I didn’t follow this season of the show very closely, I’ve never really been a fan of the Got Talent format, I’d love to see the acts more than just three times. But from what I’ve read, people will be happy that the coolest tap dancers around won the top prize.

Take a look at Sagkeeng’s Finest semi-final performance, and see for yourself.

Are you happy with the winner?

Mike Morrison


  1. Canada’s Got Talent does not deserve to be on the air. Cheap production of a show that needs more funding… as well as a better personality working the Mic!!!

    Shitty program….. really disapointed with Canadian Productions….. COMMON CANADA television entertainment industry pick up your shit!

  2. I was shocked this group won or let alone made it to the finals. They had training and practice…not talent or a “gift” like some are blessed with. Canada really is just too nice…

  3. I was very suprised to find they were the winner of the show. I thought they had the least amount of talent out of everyone who made it to the final. I’m sure some of the runners up will have turn their talents into a career.

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