>And the winner is……

…..not me.
Nope sadly folks I did not win AM 770’s Talk Show Idol 2. I sat by my phone waiting desperately for it to ring. While I was waiting I started thinking about all the times I’ve waited by the phone for it to ring, which happily distracted me enough until I heard that Donovan Volk had indeed won the competition. I was pretty bummed out about it this morning, but Donovan is going to do a show that appeals a lot to the CHRQ type of audience and we all know how much Albertans like change. However, I quickly realized that if nothing else, this contest has reminded me that I have pretty much the most kick-ass awesome and supportive friends a struggling bald writer could ask for!

So why didn’t I win? Well your guess/conspiracy theory is as good as mine. Do I think it’s odd that my YouTube audition video view count total is higher than all 15 others combined? Sure, but what can you do. But seriously, I move on and digress.

Thank you all so so so much. And don’t worry, there will be other contests. There always are!

Mike Morrison