Since muchmusic couldn’t wait for the VJ Search to finish, they went ahead and hired a another new VJ.
Just a few minutes ago, the music station just announced that the new VJ’s name is Jesse Giddings! Check out his very MM webpage!
Giddings is a long time musician, avid concert goer and social media guru (follow him on twitter) and I think MuchMusic’s demo is going to LOVE him.
Here’s why:

But Giddings won’t be the new guy for long, as the music station will be announcing the winner of the VJ search on Nov. 23!!!
This also bodes well for the four women left in the VJ search since, Gidding technically replaces Matt Babel and now they’ll be looking for someone to replace the departed Leah Miller.
What do you think of the new VJ?
I do have to give props to Out is Through who called this one weeks ago. Good scoopage Chris!

Mike Morrison

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