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I never fancied myself an outdoors person. My parents tried. They’d take me camping, send me to summer camp, but none of it really stuck.  I get why people like it. It’s fun to be outdoors, it’s fun to eat around the campfire, and maybe even sleep outside. But doing all of things at once? Well, that has never really appealed to me.   

But in the past couple of years, I find that the idea of camping as evolved, so too has my interested in taking off for the weekend…as long as it’s comfortable.   For me, this looks like a lot like RVing, which recently has been more and more on my radar as a suitable substitute to hotels, but not as cold and dirty as camping.

Recently, I did a weekend of exploring around one of my favourite parts in Canada, the southern regions of Alberta and Saskatchewan. We were lent an incredible RV for the weekend. It was Hymer Aktiv 2.0, which is the perfect road trip RV for a couple, because it’s the right size, so there’s not a big learning curve when it comes to driving it, and it’s also easy to park and get around. But don’t let the size food you. You can pack a whole lot of living in a small RV.  My boyfriend and I watch those tiny home shows a lot on HGTV and we really felt like what we got a taste of what it’d be like, and it tasted delicious.

The thing about RV vacationing is that it allows you to enjoy some luxuries like a comfy bed, a fridge, shower and stuff like that. But it also allows you to live rather minimally.  You don’t have room for a lot of things, so you only bring what you need. Even though we only had the RV for a few days, everything had its place and it was sorta nice to not have to worry about lugging around everything.  We had everything we needed all neatly packed into the RV, which made it easier to just get out and explore the area. For me, it was important to have the type of camping experience where we don’t spend all our time setting up or cleaning up. And with the Aktiv, it couldn’t have been easier to set up. I timed it once and it was something like 12 minutes from when we pulled into our site and when we were sitting down to have a drink, having fully set up the RV in that time.

Now that’s my kind of camping.

Another part of RVing that I really liked and wasn’t really thinking about was the community that’s built around it.  Because we wanted to do some exploring, we picked a different camp site every night, which meant that every night we had different neighbours. For a guy that sometimes gets nervous around strangers, it was to say hello to our neighbours and having something in common to talk about our RVs. Ours was definitely the talk of a few campsites and a few people come up and talk about it, which we were totally fine with.

The entire trip was made possible and easier thanks to the, which is a site that helps answer all your questions about RVing, whether you’re a beginner or expert RVer, or looking to rent or buy.  The site is packed with great information about the “RV life” including different types of RVing, where to buy and rent them, itineraries and vacation ideas. If you’re new to RVing like me, I think should definitely check it out. It’s a great way of exploring new roads and amazing destinations, without waking up with a sore back. And really, what more could you ask for?

Mike Morrison