Hey Kev,

Wassup? My name is Mike. I write a blog named Mike’s Bloggity Blog. But you already know that don’t you? Silly me. Soooo how are things? I just read that you are the new Chief Operating Officer at CTV. Wow! Congrats! I didn’t even see that posted on Linked In. I totally would have applied. But I’m sure the right guy got the job.

So what’s going on with CTV? Things good? Are you on twitter? We should totally follow each other! Anyway, I was just wondering if you needed any cool people to pretend to be bloggers on Degrassi? Do I look like I’m in high school? No but I could totally be a teacher or a funny janitor. And what’s going on with the Marilyn Denis show? Need any cool guests? I can’t really contribute anything to do with hair but I’m awesome at shopping cheap and dodging having to pay your cell phone bill. Unless it is Bell, I always pay my Bell bill. Even though I don’t have a Bell phone. I just want to help out, so I regularly send Bell money. I’m super-cool like that.

So I just wanted to say hi. Welcome to the Canadian entertainment fold. And as Kei$ha has always said, I like your hair.



Mike Morrison


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