Dear Neve Campbell,

Starting Wednesday morning you will begin filming a movie on my street. You will most likely be loitering on my front lawn, but don’t worry, I’m totally OK with it. I’ll be the creepy Moby looking guy staring down from my apartment. I hope your OK with that.

I actually won’t be home for long tomorrow, but if I was going to be, please know that I would invite you and Bradly Whitford up for some hot chocolate. Then I’d ask you to sign my Party of 5 DVDs and then get you to either: 1) Scream or 2) say “Baily/Charlie God!” In case you didn’t notice you said this a LOT during your run on Party of 5, this is only something you would notice during a certain Party of 5 marathon one may have when they own two seasons of this show on DVD.

I also wanted to say that I greatly enjoyed your 2 episodes you did on Medium last season. And although it was sad to see your character get her head cut off, it was cut off by Jason Priestly which made the TV geek in me die a little bit and go to heaven! (FOX. Wednesday Night. 90210 and PO5. Anyone? No?)

I’m glad that you chose to film your moving on my street. It really is a pretty street. John Corbett thought so.

I hope you enjoy your time here in Calgary feel free to return my numerous phone calls whenever you get a shot.

Your fan,

(Apartment #2)

Mike Morrison