I have to confess something.  On Sunday night, I went to the Backstreet Boys concert in Calgary.  I don’t know what exactly compelled me.  I mean, I’ve never owned any of their CDs, I’ve never wanted to see them before, hell I couldn’t even name the five members of the band.  And yes, I now know there are only four “boys”.

But the lure of a free ticket and the Saddledome’s often uber-intoxicating draft beer was too much and before too long I found myself singing along to all of the Backstreet Boy’s biggest hits.  If you are like me you’ve probably forget about a lot of them, I know I felt surprised the whole night by how many songs I still remembered but in reality had forgotten all about.

And seriously, who knew it would take The Backstreet Boys to prove that the Stadium Tour is far from dead!  Just take a look at the picture above! The place was packed!

But everyone knows the Backstreet Boys are amazing, I’d much rather talk about the opening act Shawn Desman. You remember him, he was the Toronto singer/dancer that single-handily brought the word T.Dot into the national dictionary.  Back in 2002 he was one our countries biggest jokes and stars all at the same time.  (Remember the sideways mohawk?)

However after watching his show on Sunday night, I think I owe Shawn an apology.  Sure his songs are as cheesy as ever, but when you are there to watch the Backstreet Boys, you are hardly allow to judge.  Plus, he completely own them and for a lack of a better term, kills it.   Two songs in and he had the entire Saddledome up on their feet dancing.  That is quite a feat for the singer consider how notoriously opposed to dancing at concerts Calgarians typically are.

Luckily for his fans he sang all his biggest hits like Shook, Let’s Go and Shiver.  And I’ll never publicaly admit it, but I love his new single Night Like This! Desman’s stage presence really brought his segment above and beyond the normal Opening Act call of duty.  Costume changes, dance numbers and grinding, oh my! And yes, I danced.  I danced my skinny white butt off.  So you’ve earned my respect Shawn.  You should be happy, Theo Tames would kill someone and wear them as a scarf to have it.

You can follow Shawn on Twitter at @DaRealSD

Check out the new video for Shawn’s single Shiver.

Mike Morrison


  1. OH PLEASE!!!!! Shawn “Desman” is STILL A JOKE!!! Go back to singing at the Portuguese Club in Cambridge,ON bro!!! Get a GED and find a job man!

  2. Shawn has always put on a high energy rocking show!!:)Danny got it from someone!!! haha

  3. i went to the concert in Kelowna bc had to travel from kamloops bc to get there.and all i can say is DAMN he rocked the club. wicked show shawn. good job with ur new music. keep up the good work

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