>Okay so it’s 2:15am. I work in 6 hours but I just got home from the Sloan concert at Tequila and I just had to make a list.

My thoughts of the evening (in no particular order)
1. Who knew that Sloan were still so rocking?!?
2. I get nervous when bands stop singing so fans can sing the rest of their songs. Luckily, Sloan has a solid fan base.
3.I love that Sloan asked security to come in and asked them to take some aggresive guy out of the audience.
4. I was nervous when the lead singer described said guy as the “bald guy”.
5.I’m in no condition to show upload pictures right now, but I’ll do it later today.
6. I don’t think I’ve ever been in this “condition” on a school night before. Not even during University. Although I have been in this “condition” at University.
7. Why does the Calgary Stampede make me do things I would never ever do normally.
8. I had deep fried Oreos today. I can die a happy man.
9. I met a dog named Hero today. It was instant love.
10. I’m honestly still not over how amazing Sloan was tonight. I will admit I was wrong to dismiss them so many years ago.
11. Every member of Sloan plays every instrument throughout their show.
12. You know what is better than a Sloan concert? When they are joined on stage by fellow Nova Scotians The Trews and together they sing Jumping Jack Flash.
13. Jumping Jack Flash is not a Sloan song. Who knew?

The list is complete.

I don’t want to get everyone to excited……BUT I have it on good authority that the star of Mean Girls and Freaky Friday….Lindsay Lohan Mom…..may be at Tequila on Monday night cheering on her new girlfriend. If I am wrong, my contact is a very good liar. Like amazingly good. But it makes sense that she would come. Who doesn’t want to check out the Calgary Stampede and Calgary doesn’t have a single paparazzi, besides me that is! Feel free to come by Tequila on Monday night. I will be there and hopefully so will Lindsay. Hmmm…I wonder who the bigger draw is?

Mike Morrison