What could you do with $1,000?

Turns out, with a creative mind, a classic movie and food trucks, you can create perfect fall night.

On Saturday night, I had one of my most favourite nights ever in Calgary, and it was all because of a really cool program called Awesome Calgary.   The initiative sees one lucky Calgarian every month  win $1,000 so they can do something that will make Calgary more awesome.  Well Matthew Hamel won and he decided to create @YYCmobileMovie, a wonderful event that will see classic movies displayed outdoors, for free, for everyone to enjoy.

On this particular Saturday night, it was easily one of the hottest days of the year and a crowd of 200 people gathered to sit under the stars and watch Casablanca. Watching the movie displayed on one of this city’s most historic buildings was just icing on the cake.

The project will continue next week with The Incredibles in Inglewood, and if there’s any lucky, we’ll hopefully see it again next summer.

If you think you have a way to make Calgary, make sure you submit idea to the Awesome Calgary foundation.

Until the next time, here’s looking at you….Calgary.

Mike Morrison


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