What’s two things that can bring people together?

Lego and beer.

Which is why I’m so excited to see that a Pop-Up LegoBar is coming to Canada this summer! Right now, the Legobar is announced Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal.

Internationally, the Legobar is also popping up in: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane,  London, Los Angeles and New York!

This Legobar, the first of its kind, will consist of over 1 million blocks, transported and assembled into the ultimate nostalgia trip. The bar will feature sculptures made completely from lego bricks as well as an abundance of blocks for people to shape into their own creations. There will also be local DJ’s spinning tunes all day.

There’s no word on how much tickets are or when exactly the LegoBar is opening, but tickets will be sold on a first come first serve basis with tickets limited,  so be sure to pre-register to find out more here.

Mike Morrison