>I still haven’t watched the finale of SYTYCD (yes, I know who wins) but when I was in Toronto this past weekend I saw an ad that I just had to take a picture of it:

Yes that is Robert Muraine in a print ad for Ikea. In case you don’t know who Muraine is, he is the crazy popper who dazzled the judges on So You Think You Can Dance with his crazy moves, only to bow out himself when he got to Vegas. The judges loved him so much they brought back as filler a special guest in one of the results shows earlier this summer.
I think this ad is hilarious because the guy didn’t even win the show. Heck, he was barely even on it and yet he is getting his own ads. Where is the love for last years winner….um….Sable? Sabel? Sabra! And the ad is for Ikea at that! The ad reads: “Do you think you can decorate?” What advertising company thought that one up?
And while I think the print ad is kinda lame and quite the odd choice. There is no denying how freaking cool the TV ad featuring Muraine is, which also features canadian Shugamai Johnson:

Mike Morrison