>After a three week break, I’m back. Idol has missed me. It’s obvious. I ‘m sad that I didn’t get to save Gina last week. Damn Haley.

So let’s get this night started!

Arriba, Arriba!

Melinda Dolittle starts us off tonight. When I was watching her with Jennifer Lopez, am I the only one that felt that Jennifer Lopez was more nervous to meet Melinda than the other way around. If you ask me, that is just as it should be. Like the judges, I’ve said it all before. Melinda is by far the best contestant of the show. I’m still unsure of your post-idol success, but winner or not, Melinda definitely proved tonight that she can be and is sexy. Even Ryan thought so, and that is saying something. Isn’t it?

Lakisha is second. Hopefully this is a sign of the finale in May. Melinda vs. Lakisha. I’m glad that Lakisha did a fun song. She usually sticks with her ballads and it’s fun to see having fun out there. Even if she is trying to catch her breath the entire time. It’s like me and Squash. Just cause I love it, doesn’t mean I look good playing it.

Of all the contestants I was excited to see tonight with the Latin theme it was Chris Richardson. Most of these guys don’t really fit the Latin theme, but Chris comes close. Is it me or did Chris ignore J.Lo’s advice about taking it up to the next key. He sounded too low for me. Yeah it was good, but he wasted the chance to make it great.

Woah, did I miss something when I was Hawaii? Did Hayley actually have a good performance? Oh wait no, her shorts/skirt just got shorter. I was wondering. Good call on her case by shaking her Jennifer Lopez right in Simon’s face. That should get her some points right. Let’s hope so. You are lucky you are engaged to a military guy, because I think the entire armed voices is voting for you.

Can I be honest with you folks. I hate that Phil always wears hates. He is supposed to be representing the premature bald people out there, but instead he is representing the white Ushers out there. Come on Phil, you are bald. Love it. Own it. I gotta say though, hatred of his hats aside, I really did like his performance tonight. Do you really think he was thinking about his wife? Not unless his wife is Jennifer Lopez.

Did you know Jordin had a nose ring? I didn’t! I will give it to her though, she is in it to win this thing. I feel like she is going to slip though though. She is one of those really talented people that I think will fall to the way side. Let’s hope night. During her performace, I’ll be honest, I was pretending she was singing to Sunjaya. I hope the rhythm is going to get him and crush him and turn him into little hairy maracas.

Blake is up next. He is my favorite of the guys, which isn’t saying much. But I was kinda disappointed with his performance tonight. He consistently has more fun than any of the other contestants and the whole thing was really boring for him tonight. He didn’t add anything to it. Blah Blake. Blah. But judging from the judges, I was way way off.

Sunjaya is next. Oh god, did someone shit on his face? Get that off before we come back from the break. Oh, what’s that? That’s his facial hair? Did he run out of stuff to do to his normal hair. Sunjaya is right, he is in a universe of his own. Just a little translation for you, he is singing:” Kiss me a lot, like it was the last night.” Feel free to vomit. I already did. Twice. Is it a compliment when some says, it wasn’t that bad? Apparently he thinks it is.

So that’s it for tonight. I think the bottom three will be really suprising. I say will see Haley, Phil and ummmm…… Jordin. There I said it!

Buenes Noches

Mike Morrison