>Well we are in the heart of Texas tonight, San Antonio, and if George Bush is any sign, we are in for quite a night!

9:02pm Brian “Army Pants” What contest did you win? And who did you compete against? Dead people? Me?

9:03pm. Did you ever notice that Carrie Underwood looks like she is screaming from that red wall background? It’s kinda creepy.

9:06pm Hayley is not wearing underwear, but she is still my roomate’s favorite! Wow this girl has got some pipes! Plus she is singing my favorite song! Hayley, you can make me love you!

9:08pm How do we feel about Seacrest’s shirt? The pink plaid. I can’t decide.

9:17pm Bailey Brown. I hate when a girl, whose back story makes me want to hate her, surprises me and has a great voice! Was it me, or did she not seem surprised to get a golden ticket? Confidence doesn’t always bode well, so here’s hoping she shows us her humble side in Hollywood.

9:25 For. God. Sakes. Why wouldn’t they just unlock the door. A sign. Something!

9:30 That guy pretending to be angry is HILARIOUS! I loved that he did all of that to scare his cousin, who turned out to be pretty good.

9:39 Quick who feels bad for the mayor of Houston? I do! I do! (side note: why do people put their fingers in their ear? I don’t get it!)

9:42 “Sand and Tone Deaf”…Oh Ryan you and your play on words!

9:43 Oh Ashlyn Karr, I used to get beat up too. But not cause I couldn’t sing….oh never mind…they are letting her back in! She got robbed! She deserves a second chance! They better let her through.

9:49 Did anyone notice Paula’s creepy eye twitch and Simon’s self-molestation of his chest? Damn, let the girl sing! Sweetness she got through! All is right in my world!

9:52 Jake. The. Snake. Is this week’s terrifying entry. Seriously, I get more nightmares from this show then any scary movie….except for The Ring. God, that movie scares me!

9:57 Ohhhh I want to go to British, I heard Londish is great! Not as great as Romish, or even Madridish!

Well that’s it for tonight! The best of the best and the worst of the worst is tomorrow! Should be interesting!

On a some what related note: Last night I had a dream that I made it to “Hollywood Week” in Canadian idol and was actually devastated this morning when I woke up.

Mike Morrison